Heavenly Hastags

M told me as I was telling her about this post that maybe some things should be only inside thoughts- or thoughts we tell each other on FaceTime. Now I want to preface this with letting y’all know that not only am I a spiritual person, but I’m also starting to really get into my religion. It took me a long time to figure myself out. 

Anyways on to the good parts. So I got an alert today letting me know that….the Pope is now on Instagram.  There are so many thoughts and hashtags that come to mind. Also, what are the boundaries here? If the Pope gets bored during mass will he check the gram? Will he be DM’ing people? 😳

Pope takes a bathroom selfie…#Goddontlikeugly

Pope takes a flick in the car….#Jesustakethewheel

Pope takes a pic of his rosary…#Jesuspeice

Pope takes a pic of snow #Jesusisthereasonfortheseason

A pic of the Pope taking communion…#waterintowine

People cannot even stand to be five minutes without their phones, relationships are ending because of social media…and now the Pope joined Instagram. I’m not sure what this means but I’m afraid for humanity and for the loss of oral communication. Is more access better, or does it make things become less special? 



One thought on “Heavenly Hastags

  1. This is a great thing for the people that so love our Pope. Imagine getting a response from the Pope! This could bring religion to a whole new level.Unfortunately, he will have haters as we all do. For me I will be on his instagram list, hoping for the ultimate response.


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