1001 Photos of Your Child and Counting!

Every time I log on to social media I am bombarded with photos of young children and ultrasound photographs of unborn children. Most of these photos are adorable and even gets me itching for a little baby, but it makes me worried about the privacy of these young ones.

When I signed up for social media I agreed to share my life and give up some of my privacy to society and big brother. Every day I get to decide what content I will or will not allow on my facebook and anything I’m uncomfortable with I can report to facebook. These children that are present everyday on my facebook feed are not capable of providing their consent on the content their families share.

Recently, I looked back at some of the photos my family has taken of my sister and I when we were younger. I cherish them because they are of limited quantity. My sister and I usually end up in a fight over who is going to have what photos and whose responsibility it is to make copies. They are so precious and intimate to us that I am thankful that we have the ability to share them with others on our time or never let them see the light of day. These young children will never be able to have that luxury and I feel sad for them.

I started using social media when I was around 14 and I cringe at some of the content I posted. These juvenile, sometimes inappropriate pictures have left a footprint in the web that I can never retrieve, erase, or have a good excuse for. They truly have left me exposed for anyone to pull up and use against me at their choosing because I provided the consent of the web to have ownership of them.

When you post a picture of your child think if it’s leaving them exposed? How many photos do you think they would be comfortable explaining one day when they are interviewing for a job? Will they be comfortable having 1000’s of pictures of them throughout the stages of their life including the ultrasound picture? Would you be comfortable with it?

I’m not saying don’t post any photos of your child because that would be unreasonable. What I am saying is to leave some intimate moments intimate. Don’t cheapen the moments of your child’s life. When they meet that special someone they’re going to want to share those silly bathtub pictures, first birthdays, and so on and have that moment with that person. How will they ever have that, if every moment of their life can be pulled up on google?

Let me know what you think below or message us. – M


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