4 Things That Made Me Want to Rage

This week was full of bologna. It seemed to be long and the extra daylight made people loose their damn minds. I was able to write down the 4 things that really pissed me off this week:

1.Not Grabbing The Door- When you walk through the door first and hold the door open for people, you kind of expect at least some common decency and for them to put their arm out to grab it so you can continue. No, not this week. Beginning of the week so many people just did not even attempt to grab for the door and then they tried to scoot in behind me so they wouldnt have to touch the door, and thus slightly humping into me. I get it, eveyone is fighting a cold and tons of people touch the door. But put your fat fuggin arm up and grab it! Be considerate. I was considerate enough to hold it out for you!…By the end of the week i was holding it open until it was in their arms reach and if they didnt reach for it I walked away. Petty, i know.

2.Holding the Door Open For too Long: So everyday I leave a building there is one man that is holding the door open for EVERYONE. Yo, dont you have a family? Dont you wanna go home? You like it here that much? Your nose is brown, bro.

3. Meetings: I honestly cannot stand them. What do we really have to talk about for an hour plus!? Cant you put this in a memo, an email, a flyer? Anything else other than making me sit for extended periods of time having to stare at one thing/person. Thats like asking me to be an asshole. You want me to pull out my phone and check the gram, huh?

4.Fake Laughing: It is ok for something to just not be funny. It is ok for you to not laugh. If someone shows you something and you don’t think its funny, theres a chance that others wont either. You could be saving people from something dumb. You’re cosigning the funny by laughing, and thus this person will probably repeat their action. Why do people feel like they have to do this? Be youself and if it isnt funny dont laugh.

What pissed you off this week?




4 thoughts on “4 Things That Made Me Want to Rage

  1. The most aggravating thing this week that had me on the “rage” was/is when business calls, doctor calls and others that do not return your phone calls/messages. Even after I repeatedly leave pleasant messages. Pick up the phone dumb ass and return the phone call’s! Next call come out the “RAGE”!


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