The Tampon Terror

You know how little kids turn into nightmares when they hit 2? Well, there must be some sort of rule for dogs. I used to have a well behaved dog, but now at 3 years old she rips everything up. Is it because she’s really 21 and just trying to assert herself? Frustrated that she’s an adult still living with her parents? Either way, the girl needs to respect my belongings. 

To give you some background I want you to know that my girl is spoiled. She pretty much gets a bone a day, eats the best food Petco has to offer, sleeps on my luscious couches, gets taken to the dog park, has a nice back yard to play in, and has numerous toys. She’s legit spoiled.

Lately though, she likes to rip things up into little pieces.

I have a feeling it may have to do with me working and going to school because she directly targets my work supplies. Earlier this month she got into my highlighter and then had the nerve to deny that she did it. But, I literally caught her blue footed! 

This morning I came down the stairs to see one thing every lady doesn’t want to see scattered across their floor. Yes ladies, it was my tampons.

  My beautiful, lovely, best friend, decided it would be best to destroy my most intimate belongings and shame me by leaving the undignified pieces around the living room for my husband to find. That bitch! You get it, cause she’s a lady dog haha. 

I always feel it’s best to have reasonable doubt about messes until I ask the perpetrator. I politely asked her if she carried out this act of hate and she quickly pleaded the 5th by running under the kitchen table and refusing to look at me. Please see the 1st picture to get an understanding of where her hide out is. Like a clumsy criminal she chooses the worst trap house!! “Layla I can still see you”

Layla is currently outside considering her life choices.



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