$180 Kitty Tree House for $40

I was orginally going to write a story about Petco and how they drove me crazy this past week, but I’ll show them some mercy since I just got a really great deal from them.

Simply, Petco had a deal where if you sign up for reoccurring shipments you get a $30 gift card. They think they’re super slick though and don’t think they’re customers are going to follow up…so they don’t send them out. It took me 5 different calls and two countries (one call center overseas and another in the US) to finally get someone to help me. From the whole ordeal I got my $30 gift card plus $20 for harassing them. Btw they told me I would get my gift card March 15th and I didn’t get it till yesterday. I was pissed.

My cats have been really wanting, okay actually, ive been really wanting a kitty tree house. Except they are often too expensive and ugly. Well with my new $50 gift card I thought this was he perfect time to invest.

To my delight, cat tree houses are on a major sale right now. Go online to buy the  trees not the store, there was a $70 difference for the one I got. 

  I picked that cat house right above. It came out to about $42 after shipping, my gift cards, and using their daily special.

Today if you use the work shamrock you get 20% off.

Let me know what you all get and I’ll be back to report on the house when I receive it.



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