3 Foods That Are Now Edible

So I’m pretty notorious for dieting, I’m always on some diet. I prefer to call them lifestyle changes, but ultimately I’m denying myself something delicious.  
I honestly know I need to do better eating and with exercise, but I never know the journey it would take me on. Food has always been tough, when I hate it I hate it… But when I love it……mm. Trouble. The other day my mom asked me if I was on something as we were video chatting. There’s nothing that makes me happier, goofier and smile more than a delicious homemade chocolate chip cookie. 

Ok so you’re probably thinking at this point “what foods aren’t edible?”, yea I know. But what I’m saying here is this is a list of foods that I thought were effing foul as a child that now I’m indulging in-moderately at least.

1. Humus- the consistency is weird as hell…but once I got past that it makes such a delish healthier dipping option. I think you really just have to know what flavors you gravitate towards in life and then choose that kind of humus. If only they had a Chinese buffet flavor.

2. Muffins-growing up I hated muffins. Looking back I understand why, again…it’s a flavor thing. My first memory of a muffin is a large blueberry one with ginormous sugar crystals on it. Word to mommy, I don’t like blueberry ANYTHING. Why did I eat this, who gave this to me, what was I thinking? Anyways a few years back my coworker gave me a piece of her corn muffin and from there it was on like donkey kong. Muffins are amazing. 

3. Gravy- forever I always thought that gravy is what it would taste like if someone sneezed. Why is it slimy? Why is it brown, what foods are brown that would make gravy brown? When I got older and seen how to make gravy I was even more disgusted. You’re eating fat sauce, literally a lard sauce. But nowwww I’ve discovered a white sausage gravy that I’ve been dancing with. It’s better now. 

What foods did you think were gross that now you like?  


(Photos tumblr)


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