Staring Sideways

So there’s this woman that I see everyday that stares at me. When I first walked by her I said “hi” with a small wave and a friendly smile. For me that’s a lot but I was trying to make a good impression. What did I get back? Nothing. The meanest face north of hell.

Everytime after I would wave and just try to be positive. But one day this woman with her petite 5’1 self shoulder checked me. I absolutely couldn’t believe it, here I am being nice and her old-ass mom-haircut- having-self actually put her body on mine like she wanted to start something. 

Everything in me wanted to flip. I wanted to mush her face and show her how ghetto I could be. Bitch you know where I’m from!? But no. I took the high road, but she now gets a cold look from me. My glances are so cold Jack Frost would shiver. And if I see her coming near me, I don’t move out her way to make room. She better go around. 

You know, I hate being so petty but at this point I guess we can’t all be friends. I have to be ok with knowing that someone just doesn’t like me. But what bothers me is why? She doesn’t know me, doesn’t know my name, nothing at all. I hate to make this a race thing but what else could it be if I’ve never spoke with her. This is the type of thing that stresses me out. No matter how good I am, how nice I am, how much education I have…there’s a chance that someone isn’t going to like me for something I have no control over. But like they say, if you have haters you must be doing something right!



2 thoughts on “Staring Sideways

  1. I’ve figured out that when strangers act this way towards me, and this woman really is a complete stranger, no matter what there reason is, it’s often something that’s entirely made up in their heads.

    I get this sometimes and am often puzzled by the reactions of people who don’t even know my name, have never exchanged one word with me, but intensely dislike me nevertheless.

    People like that are entirely enslaved to their perceptions and will not question it. I’ve found that people like that pass judgement easily, harshly and inflexibly.

    In other words, you can not change her mind. The only thing that can change her mind is herself, since her hatred of you is entirely self generated.

    You just keep stepping like yourself. There’s nothing you can do about her.

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