24 Nuggets and 1 Girl

I have the appetite of a 3 year old little boy. I’m super picky and I have a complex from years of my family letting me eat whatever I want for dinner. If my family was having a chicken dinner I was having a bagel or bowl of cereal. Even now, my husband had spaghetti last night and I had biscuits and gravy. The theory has always been “as long as she’s eating”. So simply, don’t allow your child to eat whatever they want because they’ll be twenty something still doing it.

I try new things once I’ve been around it multiple times. My husband will go get fast-food and I’ll refuse to eat from there because I’m not good with new.

Well, the other day I was forced, yes forced, to go to Chik-fil-a. It was one of those days were my husbands patience with me had grown very short. If you knew him you would know he’s the most patient person in the world. But, I must admit I’m very high maintenance.


I’m a burger girl, I’ve always been. My nickname used to be burger because I loved burgers when I was little. I could and would eat them everyday if my blood pressure allowed me to. Surprisingly, Chik-fil-a doesn’t have burgers. So I ordered the next best thing, nuggets.

I hesitantly tried my nuggets on the way home, still annoyed that my husband wouldn’t make a second stop to Taco bell, and I have to admit they were delicious.

Not just delicious, but ruined my devotion to McDonalds.

As I said before, I’m like a 3 year old child. Once I like something I want it everyday. This past week I had Chik-fil-a 4 times and I’ll probably be headed there later today.

My last visit there I bought 24, yes 24, nuggets just for myself. They were delicious.


Are you picky? Let me know in the comments below and feel free to follow us for more interesting stories!


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8 thoughts on “24 Nuggets and 1 Girl

  1. Never have I had this. How do I really know that this “fast food” joint is not serving processed, pre-frozen chicken. Is it really chicken???


    1. You’re right, it could very much so be processed frozen chicken. However, I’m not looking at it from a chemical stand point, but more of a delicious one. If I’m going to eat unhealthy I would rather dilute my precious plasma with seasoned goodness from Chikfila than bland nuggets from McDonalds. I’m the type of girl if I’m going to do something I’m going to go all the way and do it right. Try the nuggets for yourself and report back as to what you think.


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