First Comes Marriage, Then Comes Love?

Tv is a crazy crazy thing. Recently I’ve become obsessed with the show Married at First Sight. It’s a show where three marriages are arranged. The couples actually meet at the altar. I love it, I love the idea of it. I know the history behind it and all that jazz, but in a time where everyone is so vain… I think this is an interesting experiment. 
Just think, today we have shit like and tinder where people try to look as appealing as possible just for someone to send them a wink. Women are now courted on Facebook…and it usually starts with “hey sexy” or “I seen your picture and just had to message you”. It’s weird.  

Shit, before I go on-I will be summarizing what happened this season, so if you intend on watching or are behind…go click on one of our other posts 🙂

Now this season the three couples were Neil and Sam, Vanessa and Tres, and Ashley and David.  

Here’s my quick synopsis on these couples.

Neil and Sam- They are such different people, she is loud and raw and he is quiet and kind of weird. It started out rough with her saying stuff like he isn’t manly enough (to his face) and he was meanly sarcastic. Throughout it all though they both were really trying to be friends and be open to the experiment. I was scared for them and I felt for them. At the end I felt they grew and changed so much, for the better. They were my fav couple this season. 

Vanessa and Tres- Ok so Tres is so damn fine. He is sweet and good looking and nice and good looking and caring and good looking. Lol ok, but seriously I felt immediately that they had the strongest connection and that they both jumped into their roles as the hubster and wifey. Vanessa though is exactly what you envision when you think sensitive woman. She is easily offended and she just shuts down. I was super frustrated with them and wanted to jump in, push her out and marry him my damn self. 

Ashley and David-😑. I have never seen someone so cold towards anyone in life. Ashley was just mean, though to her credit, she did say she wasn’t attracted to him. But what can you expect, she isn’t picking the man, and it just wasn’t going to be Brad Pitt. Overall I thought David was a pretty good looking man. Not my type, but he wasn’t Quasimodo. For some perspective on her bitchiness-if his hand accidentally touched her elbow- I’m saying elbow because it’s the most non-sexual part of the body ever- she would grimace. Evil, just plain evil. And as evil as she was, he was super super nice. He was trying and really wanted it to work, he wanted to be her friend at the very least, but because he wasn’t Antonio Banderas she wasn’t even open to being friends. 

I won’t tell you who decided to stay and who left, but it’s a great show and just go watch it.


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