Salty Starbucks

I never write about Starbucks, mostly because I just don’t go.

I prefer to keep my coffee habit to $2 per day, and Starbucks is more like Fivebucks. Homey don’t play that.

But last week I was out getting a pedi with a friend and after she said we should just go to the drive through. So we pull up to a Starbucks and immediately I realized there was no drive-through. I was so into the conversation I didn’t realize we were going to THAT one.

Why this is important….let me set the scene for you. It’s winter, my hair is ratty in a top-knot on my head, I have on a gray hoodie, and Jamaican-flag leggings with brown flip flops. I was a tad bit….extra looking. 

So I said f-it. I walked in and at that moment I knew how it felt to be wearing a scarlet letter. Everybody turned to look at me and all of their faces changed…it looked like someone put a small dab of shit on each of their tongues at the same time.  

I walked past them all and got my order in a civilized manner. I wanted to fart or do something outrageous but I didn’t want to be THAT girl. 

This was a good lesson to dress like someone’s going to see me. 


(Photos tumblr)


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