Jonesing For SAMCRO

Guys, I’m struggling with an addiction and I’m reaching out to you all in hopes that someone can guide me to make the right decisions. Obviously I can’t right now.
It all started about a week ago. I just finished Quantico on Hulu and I was desperate to try a new show. I started Blackish (it was good, but nothing I could sink my teeth in), attempted to watch Gilmore Girls (snore fest), and even tried Jane the Virgin ( I couldn’t get past the first 5 minutes).

I decided to start the show everyone I know has been talking about, Sons of Anarchy. I have for the longest time refused to watch this show because of the violence, sex, and drugs. I’m a prude. 

I watched an episode of it previously, but it was just too intense. And then I remember my sisters rule. You MUST watch 3 epsiodes of a series before you can accurately judge it.

So, I decided to spend 3 hours watching SOA to see if it was a show for me. 

I spent majority of that 3 hours gasping, biting my nails, and at the end craving more. I was hooked! 

Since then I have been nonstop trying to sneak in some Samcro, it’s almost like hes my side boo. Any extra second I get I run up to my room and try to even catch 5 minutes to see what’s going to happen next. The character development is amazing and it excites me even more that I have 7 seasons to binge through.

When I watch a series I become all about it. My personality begins to change, I talk about the characters like I actually know them, and in my dreams I become part of the story line. A already told me not to get too attached because everyone dies. Which I’m glad she spoiled it a little bit because I go through a mini mourning session when my favorite characters die off.

By the way I’m still mad at Shonda for all the death she has caused on Grey’s Anatomy. 

All this leads me to my serious problem…Tiny Children. I should be studying the disease process of children right now for school, but my honey boo Samcro wants all of my attention.

A just sent me a text saying, “Give yourself small rewards in between. Study for an hour, take a 15 minute break”. 

I love enablers. 



2 thoughts on “Jonesing For SAMCRO

  1. I had the same addiction with Breaking Bad…seriously the best show I have ever seen. You will love Sons of Anarchy! I have a few favorite and least favorite seasons, but the whole ride is awesome.


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