3 Episode Rule

I have this rule IF I start a new show, and I say IF because I have way too many shows I’m watching… Anyways IF I start a new show, my rule is to give it 3 episodes before I make my decision to watch or not watch.

So recently on Netflix they’ve been suggesting my Wet Hot American Summer, so I said wtf, why not. The first episode was…. weird. Adults… 40 year old adults playing teenage counsellors, asshole campers, sexual innuendos out the hooha. Not really my cup of tea to be honest, also- I feel like I’ve watched something like this before. But regardless, I have my rule.

 So on to the next episode where a kid shit his pants and a girl got her period. I understand that both are a part of life, but do I want to watch a child shit himself in a field for entertainment? No, no I don’t.  The period scene was something out of this world. The young girl ran to the bathroom followed by counsellors who talked to her outside the stall trying to direct her where to put the tampon in. It was pretty uncomfortable. But when the girl came out and she was now being played by another 40 year old, I laughed hysterically. It was worth the awkwardness. 

Overall after the third episode, I won’t be continuing. But it was nice to get a good laugh in.


(Photos tumblr)


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