Whose Poop is This On My Back? 

After pretending to watch the debate for the past couple of hours I decided it would be a good idea to start my homework that is due at 12am. I like to live life on the edge and start my homework at the last minute. It’s the little things in life that excite me.

On my journey up the stairs I noticed my little devils (🐈🐈) decided it was a good idea to not only destroy their litter boxes , but also to tinkle on the floor. 

Like any decent pet owner I decided to take on the nasty challenge of cleaning up after them. 

As I’m finishing up digging for gold I stand up and BAMmmMmmMmM

That sharp pain that I know oh so well shoots through my right shoulder into my lungs. I immediately sling back over to grasp my knees and try to breath through the pain. 

I try to stand up again, but instantly realize that’s a bad idea and hunch over like Quasimodo. I begin my venture back down the stairs with a bag  of litter and poo in one hand while clinging on to the railing for dear life with the other.

As I’m slothing down the stairs my two cats run around me and start meowing. One gets in between my legs and I lose my footing on my carpeted stairs (btw carpet on stairs is a terrible idea).

I fell down 5 stairs and landed butt first into the bag of poo!! 😰😨😭 Noooooo.

I rolled over and off of the bag of poop only to realize that it ripped from the impact of my body hitting into it and my butt was covered in cat poop and pee. Yuck! I mean it was some nasty, soft cat food type of poop. Yeah, I know TMI, but if I had to live through the horror so do you!

After cleaning myself, the floor, the stairs, and anything else that was covered in poop I’m now contemplating how much it cost’s to get a maid for my litter boxes? 



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