2 Sisters 1 Blog

When A and I first started this blog, we weren’t sure where or how to start. We would throw ideas around as to what our blog should be about and some topics we could discuss.

We thought we had the same vision, but we quickly found out we didn’t. A wanted a political, fun, sophisticated blog and I thought it was best to write deep pieces on daily issues with a twist of fun. 

I wanted to write a story on my personal experience with HIV testing and A thought it was not a topic that should go on our combined blog. At this point I already written the piece and I loved it. There was no way I could not post it. So I posted it, without her consent.

It was bad. I shouldn’t have done that. We should have talked it more through, but our conflict resolution skills with each other was slim to nothing. The quickest way we knew how to resolve a situation was to run in the opposite direction and ignore the situation.

A decided that she no longer wanted to be apart of our blog and that she wanted me to follow my passion and direction. I backed down off of what I wanted and told her I would delete the post if she would come back. We went on for days not sure what the future of our blog was.

Till one day A texted me and said that my story was good and that we should keep it and continue working together. That was about a year and some ago.

From this blog experience, I feel like I have really learned how to communicate with my sister in a constructive way that allows us both to be creative and have equal influence on decions.

It has really allowed me to connect to my sister, understand her better through her stories, and work towards something bigger with her. 

I’m really apperciative of this experience and I want to thank our readers for going through this journey with us!



Starbucks Or Bust

I decided I was going to wake up early this morning because I was craving an everything bagel from Starbys. Execpt when my alarm clock went off…I couldn’t wake up. So I was running ten minutes behind, of course.

I was flying down the road in hope ld that I could make it to Starbucks before work when I realized I had to decide between getting to work on time or getting my Starbucks.

Can you guess what I picked? You got it. Starbucks.

So I trotted into work 5 minutes late with a bagel and cafe mocha. I can bare to do a walk of shame if I’m sipping on something delicious.

How was your day? 


Is it Bad To Feel?

I’m not one to really open up to people. I may tell you guys a lot on this blog, but when it comes to my friendships I’m usually the one to listen more than I talk. I’m the girl everyone goes to when things are falling apart and they need a listening ear. My talent is serving others in their times of need.

Doing all this listening and not enough talking leaves me unbalanced at times. Sometimes I search through my phone wondering who I should cal when I need a moment to vent, but I find myself hesitating to make those calls.

The worst thing ever to say to an introvert after they opened up to us is “you’re emotional”.

Are you serious? I never open up about my feelings and when I do these people make me feel exposed rather than protected.

It makes me want to go back to my cave and never talk to anyone again.

Except, I know that’s no good for me. I’ve learned that when people say “you’re too emotional” it’s okay. It’s okay to be emotional and it’s okay for them to have their opinion about me. It doesn’t change who I am.

I’m proud to be in touch with my emotions because at one point in my life I was desperate to feel anything.

Live life full of emotions.


Regal App

I love going to the movies, I’d go once a week if I had the time. One of the best parts about going to the movies is that I get rewarded with free goodies!

If you download the Regal App you could too. You get points for each dollar you spend at Regal movie theaters and after you collect a certain amount of points you can cash them in for a small popcorn, a small soda, a movie ticket, or even movie posters. It’s pretty cool.

In order to be part of the club you used to have to carry a membership card, but now you can simply have all your information handy via the app. Below is an example of what my points are looking like.

I’m currently saving for 15,000 points which will get me a free movie ticket.

Download the app and let me know what you think!


Pee-Pee Pants

Good Morning Readers!

Yesterday I was in a foul mood. People were buggin me and I was dealing with some stuff, just one of those days. But today I woke up, the sun was out and I made it to work on time. I have to admit I was feeling optimistic. My customers are back to normal and the day seemed to be going smoothly….

Here’s some background on me: I am a tea drinker. I drink tea the way my sister drinks coffee. I used to be hardcore into coffee but it just wasn’t good for me and I had to make a change. So now I drink 1 cup of coffee in the morning as a kick in the ass, and then switch to tea for the rest of the day. 

So here I am today, I’m holding my travel mug with tea in it with both hands and I’m looking at the opening. I’m trying to determine if it’s cool enough to drink. We have a hot water dispenser where the water is hot enough to scald you a mile away. So again, I’m holding it with both hands staring at the opening, I don’t see any steam…and actually I’m just not seeing any liquid. So I tilt it just slightly towards me and a stream falls out onto my chest and pants.   

This picture really does no justice. My shirt and the floor also got wet.

Happy Tuesday!

How’s your day going?


Bye Bum Ass Monday!

Mondaayyyyyyy!!!! I scream Monday in the same fashion Joan Crawford screamed “no more wire hangers” in Mommie Dearest. 

You’re alway sooo tired on Mondays because your sleep scheduled got crapped on over the weekend…you’re extra hungry from all the crap you ate that now stretched out your stomach, and people have no damn sense in every way possible. 

Today I was told the color of someone’s car was gingerale. Yup you read that correctly, gingerale.  That is not a color people! If you work in customer service you know the type of insane shit I’m talking about! And for some reason on Mondays I just can’t deal with the crazy and people are oh so extra.

But I have made it through the work day, so bye Monday you bum ass b!+€#!

Let’s all wave bye to Monday. 🖕🏾


Sleeping During Meetings

Went to a meeting the other day and the whole time I was fighting despartely stay awake. The room was dim, perfectly cold, and I was lacking my favorite accessory. Coffee. I was ready to climb onto the table, curl up in the fruit basket, and take a nap. Kitty style.

“Don’t worry guys, I’m a hard sleeper, continue with your meeting”.

Instead of devoting myself to my cat nap I spent an hour trying to hold onto the light of day. 

During the break I ran to get some coffee cause your girl wasn’t about the awake life. 

I’m so gettin Starbucks on the way home.