So, last night I watched the Oscars. I started from the beginning at 8:30 and made it all the way until 9:45 until I just couldn’t do it anymore. I am a huge movie person, love love love movies…but holy shit it was boring. 

Don’t get me wrong, the opening monologue was very interesting and I’m glad I watched that part. I was curious as to how Chris Rock was going to address the lack of diversity among the nominees. I think that it was great that he brought in a lot of jokes but I feel he left it hanging a bit. On the flip side I guess you can only talk about that stuff so much before people start to get uncomfortable, but I felt a little let down. This was his opportunity to be serious and be the representative. But he was the comedian.

Anyways when Stacey Dash was called to the stage I gasped out loud.

 And then cackled like a hyena.

But other than that I was just not into it, made it to 9:45 and then stopped. It’s just so boring, so unrelatable. These fancy people in their fancy gowns… I commend everyone for their creativity and being able to be in the spotlight and making amazing movies. But the how-to/who-did-it just clearly isn’t for me.


(Photos tumblr)


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