Too Comfortable

Alot of times in life people get comfortable, and once they get comfortable- they stop trying. You get in a relationship and then stop trying and don’t do the same stuff you used to. Dates become less frequent, affection becomes less frequent, and se….. Well, you get the point.
Even at work, when we’re looking for a job we are almost HUNGRY. It’s sick the way we look, present ourselves and then try to be the best at work. But after awhile… you just get comfortable and forget that you wanted to be the best.
Im not sure why, but no matter what…I always want to be the best, but sometimes I just go about it the wrong way. At work I try and work but don’t really care about making friends an sucking up. In relationships I want to be the person that loves the other more….even if it’s just to say that I tried the hardest and did my part.
There needs to be a happy medium, people need to remember to try and maintain what they had in the BEGINNING, or else you’ll be remembering from afar.

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