The Official HelloFresh Review….Part 2

Y’all are gonna love this one. The next meal I made was salmon with a blood orange arugula salad and couscous. And here’s how it’s supposed to look:

This recipe and pic intimadated the shit out of me. I honestly don’t even remember why I picked it or what I was thinking. The first step in these recipes is to prep. So I’m reading the prep portion and it’s asking me to zest a lemon and the blood orange. I read this part three times and really had to wrap my head around what it meant to zest. So I’m staring at this shit thinking “zest…? Zest…?” 

Finally it came to me (and I was talking to my mom lol so she kinda helped me remember). Now, I don’t want y’all to think I don’t cook because I’m a pretty decent one, but how often have I zested? Never.

So I zested the shit out of these fruits. 

Next I made the couscous…again, how often have I made couscous? Never. I’ve never even tried it. But whatever it was easy, so I was pleased… Then on to the salmon. I opened up the package of salmon and it stunk. I forget what fresh fish smells like because my cheap ass uses frozen. I know I know, not the same. But are you gonna buy me some fresh fish? I didn’t think so. So now while this fish was cooking I assembled the arugula salad (oh, earlier I made the vinegarette for it with shallots, lemon juice and oil). 

Now my plate is partially set with the couscous and salmon and I’m staring at this recipe card again, somethings missing. Why the fuck is there still zest sitting here!?  

I was furious, they never fuggin mentioned why I prepped all that damn zest. I read it over and over again and then just added it to my salad. I was pissed and at that moment I knew this meal was gonna suck with its half-ass recipe.

Now to the part you’ve waited so long for…the plate and the taste.  

This meal was so damn good. The salad was scrumptious and that seasonings on the salmon and the couscous…Lord…. Amazing. 

After I finished the plate I choked on my previous words and declared this to be my fav so far!



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