HelloFresh Official Review

So here is it, the OFFICIAL HelloFresh review. Actually, this may be a part 1 type thing because I’ve only tried 1 of 3 meals that was shipped. 

Let me backup here, I’m sure some of you are like wtf is HelloFresh? Ok so it’s a subscription service that for a whopping $69 (weekly) they deliver 3 meals that feed 2 people each. The food is all fresh and I think local and organic. Yum 😑.  Now normally I don’t give a rats ass about organic and fresh or any of that crap. BUT, I’m trying to get healthy and be better about my eating and my coworker raved about this. Not to mention which may be the biggest reason I’m trying it, it was free for me to try.

So I signed up and picked my meals for the week and then after much waiting and  tracking, it was delivered. It comes in a dope box and cool packaging.  

So, now to the interesting part, the cooking. I decided to do the carmelized onion burgers first. The burgers came in easy packaging and it was 90% lean beef. The meat was dry as hell but I appreciated it because I’ve been doing leaner meat.

So they had me break up the cauliflower and roast it with panko and then make the burgers. Well actually, in between both of those I did the onions which were balsamic carmelized. Normally I don’t enjoy balsamic anything, matter of fact- vinegar grosses me out. It fuggin stinks. But these onions… Lord…. Scrumptious.

My favorite part of this meal was garlic aoli….did y’all know that aoli is just seasonings and mayo? That pissed me off. I expected something special and super hard to make and yummy, not garlic and mayo. It was yummy as hell, I’m just mad that I didn’t know it was so easy to do myself. Why don’t they just call it garlic mayo?

Anyways, here’s the finished product. It was a really yummy Friday night meal. Usually on the weekends I want something delish to distract me from the week and to celebrate making it through…but eating like shit on the weekends brings me 2 steps back from my healthy goals. This was a fabulous compromise and can’t wait for the next meal. And though my coworker gave me a free code, I’ll be spending my own moolah to do it again.  Want to try it yourself? Use this code for $40 bucks off: ED9TQB. Thank me later people!





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