The New Bachelorette

Hey guys, we haven’t written in awhile. Life has hit. But anyways you know why I’m here, I read something that bothered me lol (as usual).

Here’s a little background on me, I love celebrity gossip. I love celebrity gossip magazines as well. I love US WEEKLY! What do I also love that is relevant to this post? The Bachelor/Bachelorette series!

So anyways, I’m scrolling Facebook and Us Weekly has an article about how they are going to try to have the next bachelorette be a woman of color!


I honestly was so excited I first tagged my sister in it in case I forgot, and after I read the headline for like the third time… my eyes looked below my tag AND THEN i started to read the other comments. Bad idea. Very Bad Idea.

The themes of the comments:  Outrage that white women are not considered people of color, and that white IS a color. Therefore, everyone is a person of color. Also, the article is racist for segregating white women and we should stop pointing out race because we are all people.


First of all, there’s an issue here that is seen and being addressed. RACE is still an issue, turn on the damn tv. BOOM, race issues. All white with a sprinkling of any other color. The idea that there are less (and when i say less i mean significantly less) people of ANY other color on tv isnt just a thought, this is FACT. For those of you who skipped that Aziz netflix series, this was actually a FULL episode on it, about how there cannot be 2 Indian guys on a series, because thats too much.

Why is it racist that the producers want to make a Bachelorette of a different race, but its not racist that in the 11 fucking seasons of the Bachelorette (20 for the Bachelor) not 1 has been different? How is that not the point of the outrage?

Some of the commenters actually said “about time” and “how progressive of ABC” (bahahah to that one), so it made me hopeful that not everyone is a complete idiot or closet racist.

For those commenters that were just confused as to why they had to make a big announcement over it….because its a big deal asshole. Its a HUGE show (shut-up, alot of people actually watch it- I know you rolled your eyes) on a PRIMETIME network, where the main focus will be on a person of color. They should make an announcement, because then you know what will happen?


One by one other networks and organizations may choose to do the same thing and then eventually maybe it will be universally accepted to be different.


Ok, probably not. But hey, progress is all that can be asked for at this point I guess. Ultimately I think a person of a different race (not white) is a huge step for a show like that. Do I think that it sucks that this is a big deal, well yeah of course-racism sucks. I could cry about it all day, I encounter it every day… But this is the world we are living in.




(Photo credits: Tumblr)