Starbucks and The Damn Red Cup

So the Starbucks red cups. Let’s go there. Now, I’m not going to give this much time because it’s so fuggin stupid, but here’s a snippet of how I feel.

Starbucks for ages has come out with festive cups around the holidays. That’s great. This year, it’s a red ombré cup. Ok, cool. WHO CARES?

Snowmen and reindeer have nothing to do with baby Jesus. Snowflakes play no part in Hanukkah…and tree decoration has nothing to do with Kwanzaa. AT ALL.
If you didn’t know that or maybe just forgot, now may possibly be a good time to evaluate your priorities in life. Holidays are about love and family and religion and separation all at the time. Regardless- I’m all about being festive, but these red cups are being blown out of proportion.

I think it’s funny that people will find ANYTHING (like ombré red cups) to not have to focus on what’s really going on. Did you know that a 15 year old tried to commit suicide in his classroom this week? Or how about what’s going on at the University of Missouri? Let me guess, you have no clue.

Just continue to stare at the red cups.


As long as the cup is still filled with coffee I don’t care what color it is! – M

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