Spoiled 2yr Old stuck in a 20 Something Year Olds Body. 

I try really hard to not get too excited about things. When good things happen I feel like I have to hold my breathe because I know at a moments notice something/someone is going to swoop by and try to steal my joy.

I got a great job offer this past week and I have been on cloud 9.

But, one thing led to the next, like it always does, and suddenly I became unavailable to go to the mandatory training. No training = no dream job

I cried.

I mean I criedddd. I actually threw myself down and sobbed, while my husband watched and tried to get me to calm down. He’s a good man and has come to realize it’s best to just say “there there” and to let me cry it out till I tire. I am a spoiled 2 year old stuck in a twenty something year olds body. My nickname as a kid used to be Veruca.

After I settled down and got myself a snack (these are the times I wish Starbucks delivered) I realized it is what it is. Stuff happens and the best you can do is just ride the wave.

I rode the wave all the way into this week knowing that my job opportunity would only happen if I could jump through some hoops and switch around my schedule.

Long story short…everything ended up working out and I was able to change my schedule to be available for the mandatory training. It kind of makes me feel silly that I got all upset over stuff instead of stayin calm, getting on my knees and praying, and working to change my situation.

I’ve learned from this experience that it’s not about holding your breath waiting for something bad to happen. It’s about living life and learning how to deal with the joys and disappoints gracefully. If you’re always looking over your back waiting for something bad to happen you’ll never fully enjoy the good. The opposite of that, if you never learn how to deal with disappoint you won’t truly be thankful for the good.  – M

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