You Can’t Sit Here..That’s Starbucks’s Seat

I’m in a weird moment in my life where I feel like I can NEVER get enough sleep. I’m always behind, waking up at weird hours, or falling asleep way later than I should. Earlier this week I didn’t go to sleep till past 5am, trying to finish homework, and then I woke up at 9am to make sure that all of my work was turned in on time. Even when I get that full 8 hours of sleep I want more. I could probably sleep for 24 hours straight and still feel swweeeppyy.

You know where I get the best sleep? On planes. When they turn off those cabin lights I’m usually knocked out.

On my way home from NY I pretty much had the back of the plane to myself. I was bliss. Before I get on the plane though I bought Starbucks. After I buy a fresh, expensive, cup of Starbucks I feel so protective over it. I don’t want anyone to look at it the wrong one, don’t ask me about what flavor it is, please don’t even get too close to it. It becomes my sweet little baby.

So as I walked my way through the mass of arms and legs to get to the back of the plane I made sure no one touched my wittle baby Cafe Mocha. As I got to my seat I wondered how I was going to manage holding my cup while taking a blissful nap. I came up with the best solution!


I strapped my sweetheart in! Needless to say I slept way better knowing my pumpkin was safe.

Do you love Starbucks? Let me know in the comments!


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