The Starbucks Shakedown

As some of you may know I like to indulge in a good cup of coffee…particularly from Starbucks. I’ve come to realize, after writing numerous stories about my Starbucks adventures, that you all like Starbucks too.

I start every morning, by trudging down my stairs, jumping over the whining animals, and clicking on my Keurig. For some reason I haven’t made the commitment to buy the Starbucks K-Cups and instead I drink some basic Walmart knock off of “Coffee Shop”. If you know K-Cups then you know what I’m talking about.

As I was sipping on my overly creamy coffee I was thinking about how much I would love a cup of my beloved, Starbucks. Except my budget doesn’t approve of anymore Starbucks until the next pay period. So I was thinking of ways I could score another cup of that sweet goodness.

(Looking at that gif just makes me want a cup even more now!)

After exploring my coin jar, and realizing I would look completely crazy getting a Tall with pennies, I thought of a more brilliant way of not only ensuring Starbucks for today, but a weekly discounted non-budgeted cup.

I decided to hit up my sister A! I hit her with a text saying:

“So I’ve come to realize people love posts about Starbucks, Maybe we should set up stipend for me? You know for research purposes.”

I was half joking, yet serious, and was nervous to see what she would say back. Could this really work? Free Starbucks?!

She wrote back that she was okay with the idea and asked me how much I would need!! Are you kidding me? She fell for it? I mean I know I write some good Starbucks stories, but good enough to get free coffee to go with it? Yayyyyy thanks A.

So ladies and gentlemen expect more Starbucks stories, reviews, and if you want me to try a certain flavor let me know in the comments and I’ll check it out! Your girl is officially a paid writer (the best way to be paid is in food). -M

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