Eating Caviar While My Tank Is On E

It’s funny how much life changes in a year. The following is a story from our old site. Enjoy…

My lovely, dearest sister, A, called me earlier today and was in panic! She was on her way home, stuck in traffic, and only had 4 miles of gas left in her tank. As some of you may know A lost her job some weeks ago and the struggle has been real for her. I tried to keep her calm and reminded her of the reserve tank that could carry her at least another 20 miles. At that moment I tried to put myself in her shoes and I felt bad that my sister was running her car on fumes.

I hesitated when I asked, “why didn’t you put a little gas in your car earlier?”, because the last thing I ever want to do is throw salt in a wound. But, at the same time this is the girl that tells me to never leave the house without a twenty dollar bill in your pocket in case things get crazy. She told me that she was hoping her trip back to our home town wouldn’t have taken so much gas. As the conversation continued she told me that she went back “home” to go to a special event at our hometown Museum. It was a special soiree held at the Museum catering to the hip crowd. She went into elaborate detail of the special drinks they had, planetarium exhibition, and the refined folks she was surrounded by. I’m telling you the story was so fabulous that I had to open my bon bons to relish in the account of the sophistication she just  experienced. I was truly hoping some of it would rub off on me.
As the story continued she told me that the tickets to this event were quite pricey and although she had fun she was still hungry. I was completely annoyed, for her, that this party didn’t suffice her appetite! What a rip off. I demanded that she gave me the explicit details of what hors d’oeuvres they served and as she was going through the selection my mouth was watering. I’m telling you my sister is a strict critique with an exceptional palate and she can pin flavors and seasonings down like a German Shepard can find the candy in the crack heads pocket. One of the selections she encountered was caviar. I’m not going to lie, I say caviar in the same tone Wendy Williams says “how you doin’”. I’ve always wanted to try caviar and now here is my sister is saying she had it, only minutes ago, nonchalantly. “WAIT! You had caviar?” I hollered through the phone. “Yeah, it was good, but I’m still hungry”, she said back irritated. Right at that second I heard a slew of cuss words through the phone and I knew she hit more traffic. She was panicking more at this point because the E on her tank was flashing.

 While she’s ranting about her gas situation I was envisioning luscious caviar entering my mouth. So fancy. Wait a second I thought. “Um, A, do you realize we’re talking about your experience eating caviar while your tank is running on exhaust?”, I said to her as only I could say. She was quiet for a second and then we both started laughing. I think that this moment, or more so the conversation, will be the story I will be repeating one day on my sister’s E News Special. The time my sister hit her decisive moment.

Many of you don’t know, since A has been a little MIA, but she got a job and starts very soon! I know that when people lose their jobs they can become bitter, angry, and pessimistic. My sister, however, held herself to a higher standard and I really got to see the strength and beauty of this woman I’m blessed to call my sister. I am humbled that I got to witness the metamorphosis that my sister has gone through during this time.

This story I shared with you is really a story of the American Dream. My sister is fighting to get out of the lower class, that has consumed our people, to make a better life for herself and those around her. The idea of eating caviar while your tank is on E may seem silly to some, but to me it tickles my heart. We were always taught to reach for more, to be more, and this is what A is doing.

So, as a final note, all you twenty somethings out there…keep fighting.


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Starbucks and The Damn Red Cup

So the Starbucks red cups. Let’s go there. Now, I’m not going to give this much time because it’s so fuggin stupid, but here’s a snippet of how I feel.

Starbucks for ages has come out with festive cups around the holidays. That’s great. This year, it’s a red ombré cup. Ok, cool. WHO CARES?

Snowmen and reindeer have nothing to do with baby Jesus. Snowflakes play no part in Hanukkah…and tree decoration has nothing to do with Kwanzaa. AT ALL.
If you didn’t know that or maybe just forgot, now may possibly be a good time to evaluate your priorities in life. Holidays are about love and family and religion and separation all at the time. Regardless- I’m all about being festive, but these red cups are being blown out of proportion.

I think it’s funny that people will find ANYTHING (like ombré red cups) to not have to focus on what’s really going on. Did you know that a 15 year old tried to commit suicide in his classroom this week? Or how about what’s going on at the University of Missouri? Let me guess, you have no clue.

Just continue to stare at the red cups.


As long as the cup is still filled with coffee I don’t care what color it is! – M

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Veterans Day Freebies Because You Deserve It!

Happy Veternas Day and thank you to all those that serve or have served. We from Diamonds From The Dumps appreciate you.

Starbucks is giving away a Tall Hot Coffee today to Veterans, Service memebers, and their spouses.

Not all Starbucks are running the promotion so make sure that you call ahead.

Also, in case you’re wanting to hit up some more freebies Red Lobster is offering a free appetizer or dessert to Veterans and service memebers.

Shout out to Red Lobster for always sending me offers via email
Shout out to Red Lobster for always sending me offers via email
And if you’re wondering…yes, I did go with my husband today to get myself some Lobster Bisque!


Spoiled 2yr Old stuck in a 20 Something Year Olds Body. 

I try really hard to not get too excited about things. When good things happen I feel like I have to hold my breathe because I know at a moments notice something/someone is going to swoop by and try to steal my joy.

I got a great job offer this past week and I have been on cloud 9.

But, one thing led to the next, like it always does, and suddenly I became unavailable to go to the mandatory training. No training = no dream job

I cried.

I mean I criedddd. I actually threw myself down and sobbed, while my husband watched and tried to get me to calm down. He’s a good man and has come to realize it’s best to just say “there there” and to let me cry it out till I tire. I am a spoiled 2 year old stuck in a twenty something year olds body. My nickname as a kid used to be Veruca.

After I settled down and got myself a snack (these are the times I wish Starbucks delivered) I realized it is what it is. Stuff happens and the best you can do is just ride the wave.

I rode the wave all the way into this week knowing that my job opportunity would only happen if I could jump through some hoops and switch around my schedule.

Long story short…everything ended up working out and I was able to change my schedule to be available for the mandatory training. It kind of makes me feel silly that I got all upset over stuff instead of stayin calm, getting on my knees and praying, and working to change my situation.

I’ve learned from this experience that it’s not about holding your breath waiting for something bad to happen. It’s about living life and learning how to deal with the joys and disappoints gracefully. If you’re always looking over your back waiting for something bad to happen you’ll never fully enjoy the good. The opposite of that, if you never learn how to deal with disappoint you won’t truly be thankful for the good.  – M

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Hide Yo Children, Hide Yo Wife, The Holidays Are Coming!

So, the holidays are coming up. I’m not normally an anxious person but around this time every year I start to get anxiety.

When I was a kid, part of my family (myself included) moved across country. And though we moved back eventually, it’s just never been the same. From where we lived to the people that we celebrated with completely changed, every year. Now, I’m a big girl so i understand that things don’t always stay the same….but it just hasn’t FELT the same. There always seems to be something missing.

So every year around this time I find myself asking my friends “what are your plans?”, hoping that maybe they’ll be cooking, and that I’ll get an invite to pretend to be a part of someone’s family and feel that feeling. Every year it seems to work out and I end up bouncing around, but it’s always awkward. People I don’t know…food I don’t know. Memories that I have no part in, questions that I don’t know the answers to…

“Remember when….?”

No. I don’t.

So this year I’m changing shit. I’m going to cook and be my own family. I have my memories and recipes and what else do I really need? No more anxiety and that feeling off loss. Im going to be thankful for the life ive lived and the year that I have had.


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Starbucks Free Refills

I’m on my lunch break 👏🏽🙌🏽 Do you ever have those days that you count down every minute until you can get yourself some Starbucks?? That’s me today. I was told I could take a break and I was down the elevator before she could even finish her sentence.

The place I’m at has a huge, magnificent, cafeteria that just so happens to have a Starbucks. FYI I don’t think I could work for a place that doesn’t have a Starbucks or coffee shop nearby. That’s just a hostile work environment!😞

As I’m eyeing the menu I see a very funny sign.

“No Free Refills”

I think everyone knows that Starbucks doesn’t offer free refills and if it did, you can forward all my mail to them because I would be moving in.🙌🏽

Good try to the person that really thought they would get one over on Starbucks. If you’re looking for refills you better find yourself a diner. 

Happy sipping ladies and gents ☕️


I Have A Huge Secret.. Please Don’t Tell My Mom!

Let me tell you a little bit about our mum. She is young, silly, a perfectionist (like us), and should write a cookbook about cooking on a budget. Now that we’re older we call her Queen Elizabeth because she has a certain way she wants her food, life, service, etc and if she doesn’t get it best believe she will snap her sweet little fingers and make it all change. I’m still not sure how she schmoozes her way into befriending the most unique people, but somehow my mamma always gets what she wants

Growing up we were poor. Our mom though always found a way to upgrade all of our meals. Instead of a simple meal of pasta and sauce ($2 to feed a whole family) she would make clam pasta with garlic sauce with assorted veggies ($3?). I mean the woman was a wiz. She always tried her best to make sure we had healthy, tasty meals, without taking short cuts.

I however am Queen of takeout. With my nursing school schedule I feel like I lack any time to really make a healthy tasty meal. By the time I get home from school and clinicals the last thing I want to do is stand over a hot stove. So I pay someone else to do it for me. My poor honey has suffered through many of McDonalds #5 (Bacon Burger). Although I love their little apple pies I’ve been getting sick of them too.

So I decided to take my sisters advise, to stop being lazy, and I went grocery shopping! I haven’t gone grocery shopping in probably a little over a month (I normally go a couple of times a week) so I had to get a ridiculous amount of things. Weirdly, people judged me for the gross amount of food I was pushing around during my 3 hour Walmart trip. I tend to go up and down every aisle, call A for recipes, call my mom for advise, and finally spend about a good 20 minutes putting things back.


As you can see, my cart was filleeddddd. I felt bad for those standing behind me with only a few things, but I can’t just let EVERYONE ahead of me…right?

Okay, so I decided to go home and make as many meals as I could. It was a really good idea at first, Pinterest got me all pumped up, but dang it took forever and by the end of it I was just throwing chicken chunks into bags with BBQ sauce on top.

If you’re wondering what these little freezer meals are..let me tell ya. You take pretty much every ingredient you would normally use to make a meal, combine them, throw them in a freezer bag, freeze them, take them out the night before you plan to make them, and pop them into the crock pot before you head to your daily activity. Cool…even I can do that…right?

I love the ease of these dump bags, but as I already said I hate the work. I’m a little lazy, I’m not going to lie. Below you’ll see my freezer bags with the tops folded over ready for ingredients to be added into it. Please don’t judge my messy counter top…a girl is trying!

Displaying IMG_4130.JPG

Looking at all the raw chicken is making me sick. Sick because it looks disgusting and sick remembering how much work that took! I cut up over 10lbs of chicken and 5lbs of beef.

So all that strain made me take out that bottle of wine someone left at my house from a party a month and a half ago. Thank you very much party guest! My sister and I believe in two things. Always have a back up bottle of wine and a back up bird in your freezer. You know those whole little chickens that stores sell for like 99 cents/lb.

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Okay, so fast forward a couple of days, and here is where the scandal comes in. Today I made my second dump meal which was one of those “I can’t think of anymore recipes and I’ve run out of energy” BBQ chicken bags I made. Well as a side I decided to do the ONE THING my mother would literally snap her fingers at.

I made…instant mashed potatoes. A if you’re reading this you better not tell on me!!!! Our mom HATES instant mashed potatoes and she would probably go on a rant about how bad it is for me. She has always made us mashed potatoes from scratch with all the love of our heart. I’m telling you they are good! I never even knew instant was even an option growing up till I went to friends houses and that’s what their parents would make. Being the little snot I was I would say, “ mom makes the REAL thing and she said we don’t do instant”. I wasn’t the sweetest little girl. My mother always told me that it takes just as much effort to make instant as it does the real deal.

But, here I am, a grown woman that made instant mashed potatoes for the first time and can I be honest? It was dang good! Sorry mom, but I don’t have enough effort to mash, smash, and beat my potatoes at this point in my life. Those instants took me less than 5 seconds to make!

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Next time she comes to visit I’m going to make some instant and have her eat it without telling her. I wonder if she would figure it out?

Have a dump recipe you want me to try out? Post it in the comments, I’ll make it and share my experience.