Can you take pennies?

I’ve had a very long day which started with me jumping out of bed, showering, dressing, and heading out the door in less than 15 minutes. I saw smoke and I had to run to put out my social life fires.

Of course on the way out the door I forgot my wallet. I have this thing, well everyone has this thing, where if I don’t eat I get a little hypoglycemic = hangry (hungry + angry).

After counting the change in my pocket I realized I had 6 dollars and three dollars in change. I decided to be go to dollar general and find myself a drink while I purchased a thank you card for one of my social life firefighters. I can across the best deal 

Say it with me…yassssssss honey!

Which color (flavor) would you have picked? I bought one of the light blue ones – top shelf. They are my fav.

Well after all that I pretty much had $8 left and was going to go to mcdonalds for a snack, but there was a million high school kids piled inside with a line out the door. Noooo thank you. 

I went across the road to Freddy’s thinking I could get myself a cheap $2 cheeseburger to go. NOPE. My meal came out to $8 something (okay so I couldn’t resist ordering fries and a drink) and I had to embarrassingly ask her if she would take change 😁 Normally I don’t care, but when you’re selling fancy steak burgers I try to be a little fancy too. Thankfully they didn’t pretty woman me and still took my money. It did take her an awful long time to count it, sorry people in the line behind me! 

So if you want a cheap drink go to the dollar general and then head to Freddy’s for a deliciously pricey fast food burger.

Comment below with your favorite Gatorade flavor! 👏🏽🙌🏽


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