Where Da Starbucks At?

If you’re wondering…I got about 1 hour of sleep. What do you think of right before you fall asleep? Personally, I can actually hear my mind saying “ohh snap here we go! Off to dream”. Well normally it’s a blissful moment for me, but last night my snarky mind whispered “oh snap here we go…off to sleep for ONLY an hour”. My mind side eyed me! 😯 That little brat. 😤

I actually woke up feeling pleasant except my twitching lower left eyelid tapped at me trying to remind me that were running low on sleep…and caffeine.

I passed by a Starbucks on my way to my gate. Did you hear me? I passed it right by. I’ve got a lot of self will don’t ya know? I’m on a caffeine break. No more, I’m done, clean drinking for me, detox time.

Just kidding. They haven’t opened yet. T minus 15 minutes before I get to shuffle my lanky legs back to them and put in my order. 

Would it be wrong to take a nap on the carpet in front of the store with some money and my order pinned to my hoodie? ☕️ 


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