Trap Music Lulliabies 

As I previously told you, my sister A ended her party at 8:30pm so that we could relax before we had to head to bed. We have to wake up at 3am to head to the airport. 

Well, it’s 11:53pm and obviously I’m not asleep. See, I was super happy that my sister ended the party, but then the party moved into the apartment next door. Okay, cool, as long as they’re not here right?

Nope, wrong. From what I can hear I’m missing a really good party cause they are getting turnt up. I mean they have the trap music bumping with the base thumping!

So here I am, sitting somewhere between annoyed and wanting to put in a noise complaint (I know I know I’m dramatic) and wanting to just throw on some jeans and head on over next door and Jam out. 

Either way, I don’t think much sleep is going to be obtained tonight 😳

Let me know what you’re doing on this Saturday night! Comment below


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