The Angry Bee

 My sister has the cutest little dog ever. Her name is Sassy and she is part pit bull and part chihuahua. She is sweet, loud, aggressive, and a dogs dog.

Today we took her to PetSmart to go trick or treating and she was met with various responses. As soon as we walked into the door she began to howl at everyone and everything that moved. Some kind older gentlemen teased her, and us, by saying “oh aren’t you so vicious! I bite back”. Mind you Sassy is the size of a large cat with the bark or a big husky. She is a sight to see. 

There were some stank looks we got as little Sassy made her presence known. Fair enough. I know not a lot of people don’t appreciate loud dogs. But, she sure is cute!

Leave a comment below with your animals best Halloween look 



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