Can I have a sip of your coffee? 

There’s something about planes that knockkk me out. As in I wake up having no idea where I am, what time it is, and why so many people are talking. 

I was going to blog to you all this morning when I arrived at the airport, but since I only got a couple of hours, had no food, and was super nauseous I didn’t think you would find the tone uplifting as you started your day. I will say I found the coolest thing at the Austin airport  

 it’s a nail polish vending machine! This would be perfect it I had a 2+ hour wait and no care if I was offending people with my fumes of beautification. 

So here I am, somewhere in Maryland with a 3 hour wait! Who the heck planned this? Oh yes, me three weeks ago thinking a 3 hour wait was so worth it to save $30 and get to my sister a bit faster.

Ah, as I’m writing this they are offering another flight $$$ for selling their ticket since they are over booked. Let me just say if they offer it for my flight…a girl might just have to take it!

Anyways, so I get off my flight, after reorientating myself to where I am and who I am, and start walking that weird Long half way to reach the main building. As I step into the main airport I see a black lady  in a wheel chair sipping on some Dunkin. I mean she’s really enjoying herself. In that instant I ran over to her, jumped into her lap and asked her to give me a sip because I’m a thirsty tired kitten. I let out a loud purr to let her know I was being serious. Just kidding, I was tempted  but, I figured she wouldn’t appreciate a 6ft woman with jungle hair sitting on top of her frail lap.

After doing a lap around the building (got to move those legs to prevent a clot) I decided to live on the dangerous side and ride on one of those moving side walks. I love them, but I thought I should up the thrill by putting my hands in my hoodie pocket while walking! 😳😁😱  Hey, I’m a married woman breaking free from my norm..I have 4 days to live life on the edge. This may sound a little elementary, but I’m just getting started 😉

With Dunkin still on my mind I decided to go get myself a little sip sip, and settled on a Mocheatto. I’m from NY so I know how coffee shops are done. It’s a little chaotic, you give your order as fast as possible, and then step the heck outta the way and wait. Cool. I got this maneuver down. But what really got on my nerves is this loud mouthed woman screaming out the finished orders. MACCHIATO, MACCHIATO, MOCHA MACCHIATO. 😡 Ladyyyyyy I’m on vacation, do I really need to hear you screaming out and showing us your insecurities of wanting to be seen?

Now I’m 30 minutes down and have 2.5 hours to go till its time to head to NY. 

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