5 Questions Pondered

As I sit and watch my show (I’m not naming it because I’m not in the mood for y’all to judge my trashy tv choice) I found myself deep in thought about some things:

1. Can you have more than 1 soulmate?  What if you found your soulmate but you were so young that you weren’t equipped for it? Or what if you are with someone you absolutely love but then you meet someone you know is also so right for you?

2. Can you really be friends with someone you were in a relationship with? I really don’t think this is possible, I think if you are distant friends but never see each other and by friends it means the occasional text that says “hope you’re well”, then possibly. But if we are talking about hang out on the weekends, then no. How can you maintain a relationship with someone you have once been so close with? 

3. Where did this code of no dating your ex-boyfriends/girlfriends friend come from? Sometimes the people you meet are just the gateway to experiences. How can you say don’t date this person that I don’t want to be with, and you can’t be with them either…selfish.

4. On the flip side, what kind of friend wants to be with someone that hurt or disowned their friend? It takes guts to just forget what your friend went through and pursue someone they had feelings for.

5. Is there a limit to the terrible things one can do before they are turned away from this wonderful afterlife?

Ok, so yes I happened to be watching the vampire diaries, but I feel these are very valid and relevant questions. 



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