Baby Maybe?

The older I get the more people find it acceptable to ask personal questions, specifically about my desire for children.

“When are you going to pop some out?”

“Why don’t you have children?”


I think these questions  are ignorant. You don’t know what people are going through and asking questions regarding fertility directly relates to intimacy. Maybe it doesn’t seem like that for the person asking, but for the person answering what do you suppose they’re thinking about?

Also there’s a stigma against women who just simply do not want children. It’s the common thought that all women should want to procreate and those who don’t are evil or there’s something wrong with them. The women I know who don’t want children lie when asked about it, and I think that’s terrible. People are forced to lie to try and appease others or just to succumb to the norm.

Women seem to be constantly working against each other to force their values. It doesn’t have to be like that, we can all believe in different things and coexist without interrupting anybody else’s life. From the food we eat to how we conduct ourselves at the gym, everything we do is scrutinized….by each other.


At this time I have so many priorities and things that I NEED to achieve… And having children just isn’t on that list right now. While things can change, I believe that I have to do what’s best for me even if others think that I am “getting too old” or “my clock is ticking”. Bringing a child into the world should not be taken lightly, and I  will not give into the pressures.


Anybody with me here?



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