The Real Struggle

Sometimes life is just so hard. I find myself just wondering sometimes why it has to be so hard. Some people just seem to have it so easy while others have to work tirelessly. I’m tired. 6277UUMTO4DTUW

I’ve seen a lot in the media this week about celebrities and public figures and their struggles. There was an article about Robin Williams and how his estate was finally settled. He commuted suicide last year.

Also recently Jim Carreys on-off  again girlfriend committed suicide and it is said that Jim Carrey also suffers from depression.

Lastly, tonight I read about Lamar Odom. Last I read he was partying and then was found unconscious.

I’m saying all this to say that life is hard. These public figures that we glamorize and look up to are humans too. They’re going through things just like we are. Sometimes when I’m struggling I think about a celebrity that’s rumored to be struggling too, and I think about how they’re dealing with it AND the pressure of everyone watching you. If it were me, I would cave under the pressure, I really don’t know how they do it. I think it’s courageous to volunteer to be entertainment 24/7.

Every night when I leave work I go home and get at least 6 hours of downtime to do as I please and unwind. What happens when you never get to unwind? Where does the tension and stress go?

Just some food for thought.



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