Real Monsters

6277XGEB1RA2P1I’m enjoying the Halloween theme, so I’m going to stick with it for awhile… Monsters are scary, they show up all the time in movies and then haunt your dreams. But what about the real monsters, the monsters that you have to look over your shoulders for because they want to destroy your life and crush your souls?

Before I begin it’s best that we define terrorism, terrorism per Merriam-Webster is “the use of violent acts to frighten the people in an area as a way of trying to achieve a political goal”. I’m pretty sure you know the monsters im talking about…the pigs aka the fuzz aka 5-0 aka the motherfuckin police.

It’s like Gremlins, some of them are nice but then they get a little water (power) and they turn evil. Do I think all of them are bad, no. But again like Gremlins, you can have 3 that are nice and sweet, but all it takes is one to cause chaos and destroy lives and to bring in others to play their games. It’s easy to see that the people they target are all disadvantaged, usually minorities or handicapped people. The power-holding people  don’t have to be evil…but for some reason it just seems to be happening more and more. Or….maybe it’s not happening more. Maybe the media and technology are just shining a light on this problem and letting people in who wouldn’t ordinarily have access to this information. Is it possible that maybe 10-20 years ago I would have no clue if something happened in Ferguson, sure. Or even right here in my small city these figures that are supposed to be out protecting are actually out peddling crack and violently targeting anyone showing weakness (all humans). Here we are though, all eyes are open and all phones set to record at the touch of a button.

And so there you have it, monsters lurking and killing. The hired terrorists of this country. Remember back in the day when you were told to trust the police and they’re the good guys? What do I tell my future children who are bound to be targets because of the colors of their skin? Do I tell them old wives tales of the monsters under their beds, or the monsters that come out when you hear the sirens and see a flash of the badge….


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