I Smell Halloween…and Cultural Appropriation 

I realized last week that October is here and of course with it comes Halloween. I sat and thought about what I wanted to dress up as and then it hit me, Pocahontas! Awesome, or so I thought.

At work I was plugging away and listening to my favorite podcast and the topic just happened to touch on Native Americans and their struggles. I instantly felt stupid. Here I am thinking about how awesome it would be for me to dress up as Pocahontas and bite the culture that others are trying to preserve and honor. Fighting for land that was ripped from them and basic rights in a county that doesn’t give a fu** about indigenous people ANYWHERE- let alone here.

As a woman of color and with a degree in Sociology I was truly disappointed in myself. But that right there is the difference between people who care and people who don’t. I realized the error of my ways and understood what my portrayal would have meant. I think all the time about the people who understand these things but just don’t care. They know better and yet, they still don’t care. I’m wondering how many people will dress up like Native Americans for Halloween, or even partake in some blackface action.

Being racially disadvantaged, I think me dressing up as Pocahontas may not by definition be cultural appropriation, but I just don’t think it’s right.

I get so angry every year when I see photos of people in blackface, it’s so disrespectful and truly hurtful. Everyday I wake up as a black woman, and everyday I HAVE to put my best foot forward and give it my all and work that much harder- just to be equal.

So, comment and let us know, what are you going to be for Halloween?


P.S. I’ve linked something for your viewing pleasure.


4 thoughts on “I Smell Halloween…and Cultural Appropriation 

  1. Loved your post. Being able to recognise the disrespect behind cultural appropriation is something you’ve done well. Most people don’t even give Halloween costumes a second thought and I applaud you for doing that and realising the potential disrespect from dressing up as Pocahontas. What you said “They know better and yet, they still don’t care.” embodies very much the truth of Halloween. Would you mind if we shared our experience to our followers?


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