Hey I know i haven’t written in awhile, your girl has been busyyyyy. But anyways I want to get to the meat and potatoes of this post because it has the potential to be long.

So the SlutWalk La just happened. For those of you unfamiliar with the SlutWalk, it started in Canada after the police essentially said if you don’t want to get assaulted/victimized, then don’t dress like a slut…You can’t see my face but my reaction to this is best described as the 2 wide eyeballs. Nobody should be assaulted, discriminated against or judged because of how they look, plain and simple.

So anyways fast forward to present time and Amber Rose put one together in LA. After initially reading about it before it happened all I could think of is WHY? Why her? Out of all the people and speakers and leaders they could have chosen…they chose….Amber Rose? So I decided to do some digging beyond what I already know and what she’s famous for. What charity events has she done, what has she done for her community, how has she been an activist? Those were the questions I asked while researching and what I found: beyond the celebrity charity events there’s really nothing on her own she’s done.

Still confused about the choice, the walk happened. During the walk though she made a speech. As I type this I literally have to take deep breaths because I am truly annoyed. Anyways though, the beginning of her speech was about how as a young girl an incident happened and she was slut-shamed. I was honestly surprised and touched, I started to feel like maybe this makes sense. BUT THEN…. She does what she’s known for in all the gossip columns, she starts putting people’s names in her mouth and talks about stuff that’s not relevant to this walk or what it stands for. She touched on how Wiz in a song said he fell in love with a stripper and it was really hurtful to her. Hmmm. There’s many different things I could say about this but mainly- hasn’t she come out and publicly said she’s proud of her previous profession and not ashamed? Fast forward a little bit more and she wants to let us know that she put the walk together for women who have been through sh**. That’s the vaguest statement ever, and really, hasn’t everyone in the world been through sh**? Where was she even going with that?

So I say all that to say, WHY HER? Is that really the best we could do? As someone who has been slut-shamed- I’m appalled at the choice. Did she have to ask the people who originated this walk if she could do it, and did they say yes? Her conduct in general before this walk has made me question why she doesn’t respect herself- not because she’s a stripper, but because she is always talking/bashing others publicly and to me that just says she’s not happy with herself and doesn’t understand the consequences and how it makes her look to do that. Treat others how you want to be treated. So ultimately who let her do this and if she planned it all herself and didn’t have to ask anybody, why not take the time and write out a speech that would maybe tell your initial story and then talk about WHAT THE WALK STANDS FOR? I felt she did a piss-poor job with something that could have made her shine. She used this as a platform to discuss her messy break-ups and detract from the real issue.

Let me know if I’m crazy or if y’all feel the same.



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