Workouts, Diets, Still Fat?…Oh My!

Still unemployed here and I figured this will probably be the last time that I’ll have all this free time with limited responsibilities.  With that being said I need to get off this fatty and get in shape, mentally and physically. Now, the mental part is coming along…but the physical!? Sheesh.
I have tried every diet and workout from cross-fit, p90x, hot yoga, Zumba, weight watchers and even that lemonade drink crap. These things don’t work with me, not because of my metabolism but because of how freakin good food is. If food was just supposed to sustain us they shouldn’t have made such good stuff.
Anyways so here I am on this new wave, whole30. This should be called death30. It sounded great when everyone was explaining it to me, but now that I’ve started….I am suffering. I can’t remember the last time I’ve had a candy bar, but I feel like ill donkey kick a kitten for one. It’s like once someone tells you you can’t have something, that something is all you want. I knew I was going to feel like this, but Im determined with this one. So determined that I killed a pint of New York Super Fudge Chunk last night to make sure I was ok for at least a week with my ice cream quota.
I hope one day there’s a magic pill where you can look how you want, but until then….I will continue to suffer.

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