Wishing Your Life Away

My husband has about 19 days of deployment left.. Yee Haw! I’m finally in the teens.

This was our first deployment and I was not prepared for the stress and hardships that I faced while my bestfriend was away. There were many nights that I cried myself to sleep wishing that he was there just to tell me things would be okay.

As the days went on I decided to start journaling my prayers so I could visually see when God answered. It has been an encouraging experience. Through the process I have been corrected on one of my prayers/wishes that I often said when I was upset, “Please Lord, let the days go by fast so that he will be home again”. I wanted days like a fleeting shadow and I was desperate at times for God to make that happen.

I am thankful that God did not fulfil that prayer. I should never wish my days away no matter how hard they may seem to be because there is beauty in every moment. I now challenge myself everyday to live fully and to enjoy the day even if it’s hard. Live each moment like it’s your last. God has blessed me and YOU with the chance to get up every morning, so take advantage of it!


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