Why Im Stopping the Dirty Whole30

Ok, I’m sure you were wondering about this-if this is something that I was going to see through. Well I’m pleased to announce that I am done, BUT- I’m not quitting because I want a delicious juicy burger with all the toppings.
First, I’ve always known what my issues with food were- portion control and the choices I make.  This whole30 really helped me with understanding a bit more about the choices. I can honestly say I didn’t realize how unnecessary grains were-and how much I actually eat. So yay, this was good for something.
Second, and where this was not so great- I wasn’t following it all the way. What I mean by that is- I dont eat 3 meals a day.  I am not a morning person at all so when I wake up it is normally lunch time. If I was somehow going to squeeze 3 meals in a day I would be eating dinner at like 11pm.  So, Im not eating enough and giving my body all that it needs.  In the long run I”ve noticed myself snacking alot on fruit- which you’re not supposed to snack hardcore on this.
So, essentially what I have decided is that this would be a great thing for me to do occasionally for like a week or 2 here and there when I am awake for breakfast. Also, I’m not going to just go cray- I am going back to what has worked and continues to work for me- Weight Watchers. I am though going to keep with me alot of what I learned- like sweet potatoes. Even though I don’t enjoy them- I do understand how they are a better choice than regular potatoes. Also, rice . Seriously though, I need to just stop with it.

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