What Men Want?

            As you know since you read all of our entries, I am really getting into the Bachelor/Bachelorette series. Last night (Monday’s episode) showed us that women seem to all want the same thing, but men- well, they’re all over the place. All of the women wanted a man who wanted a SERIOUS intense relationship full of kisses and doting. Whereas the men, a couple wanted a serious relationship whereas another wanted a relationship with an easy-going FUN girl. The last guy just wanted fun- but with a connection.
            After watching that I just wondered how much of an accurate representation this really was of what men and women want. I do know that all of the women I know want that serious AMAZING relationship- but men, I have no clue. But this does make me wonder how the hell we are supposed to know what they want if they don’t say it or show it.

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