Welcome and You’re Welcome

   Welcome to our blog, Diamonds from the Dump. We- are “A” and “M”.  We are choosing to keep it simple as we have been waiting for this opportunity for a long time and don’t want to ruin it with any complications, like names for example.
   So its just 2 of us- again “A” and “M”, biological sisters in different stages of our 20’s who feel we need to impart our wisdom and wit on the world. We have seen and been through it all, both good and bad and it would really be an injustice if we didn’t share it with the world. I think it would be pretty safe to say that people can always use a little perspecitve, and thats just what we’re offering. Hate it or love it, we’re still gonna write it.
   Now the two of us are very different and I am sure you will see that with our coming posts, so don’t be surprised about the amazing variety of topics we will be discussing from tv, to politics, to recipes, you can surely expect it all.  Feel free to write to us or comment or just read and enjoy.

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