Top Ten Tuesday-2 for the Price of 1!

There are some things that a man does…that makes some women want to sing sweet sweet songs of love and happiness. And then there are those things, that spark pure fire and hatred and anger into your soul. M and I decided we wanted to tackle that today.
So without further ado:
Top ten things men do that make us melt:
  1. Tell me I look good.  I know what I look like and what I have to offer, but when you tell me that I look good, well…it makes my hips swing a little bit harder.-A
  2. Spontaneous affection. Its sweet when I get a hug or a smooch after making a nice meal. But when I’m in my sweats watching my shows or doing my nails and get surprised with a kiss, well that just makes me think that you’re thinking about me.-A
  3. Offer to buy my friend a drink. I never go out without at least one of my girls, so when you’re trying to talk to me and you want to buy me a drink…and then ask my friend if she would like anything….it just makes me think that you have some consideration and manners.-A
  4. Open up.  Women…sometimes we just don’t get it. I know it’s hard for me to see the clues and signs and I just need it spelled out. So SPELL IT OUT. What do I mean to you? -A
  5. Make time for me. I am busy as hell and I have all these plans and dreams and goals constantly going on around me. So when you take some time to just have a conversation where you are looking at me and I am looking at you and you are genuinely interested in the simplest things like what I did today, or what’s on my mind….it really makes YOU seem sincere. -A
  6. Give me a small trinket. It could even be a rock you found and I would be excited. – M
  7. Make ME dinner without me asking you to do it. Eating food you didn’t cook tastes 100x better – M
  8. Be nice to my animals and pet them often. I have no children yet so my cat and dog are the closest thing I have to children. I loveee when my husband loves on my babies. – M
  9. It’s really important to me that you’re nice to my family. We have some complete weirdos in the family, not going to name names, but my husband at least tries to make it through at least 1 awkward conversation with them before sliding away. I appreicate his effort. – M
  10. Put me before everyone else (not God though). I need to know that when stuff goes down he will always have my back before anyone else’s. – M
Ok now, I KNOW you’re waiting for this…top 10 things that make me want to smack the skin off you’re face:
  1. Grab me. Im in a bar or club and you grab me to talk….like physically put your grubby hands on me.  It makes me see red and instantly causes me to minimally verbally attack you. Minimally.-A She’s lying, she will buck her feet like a raging bull! – M
  2.  Make a comment about my menstrual cycle. I don’t care. Just don’t go there…you don’t know and never will so don’t talk about things you don’t know about.-A
  3. Talk about my best friend. Again, you know nothing and need to just zip it.-A
  4. Back out of something you said you would do. NOBODY likes a flake, and now I see how completely true the statement ‘time is money’ is. Don’t waste my time and I won’t plot against you. –A
  5. Be indecisive. What’s the opposite of sexy? Well, sexy is a man who know what he wants and puts a plan into action to get it…yum yum. So the opposite, not know what you want or when you want it or whatever. Grow up.-A
I’m not sure anything makes me mad enough to want to slap the skin off of someone’s face. Maybe, a quick donkey kick though!  HEE HAW – M
  1. Leaving the toilet seat up. – M
  2. Ending an argument while I still have things to say. -M
  3. Eating my SKINNY COW ICE CREAMS!!! I refuse to share especially with a chiseled, healthy, fit man.  -M
  4. Eating my left overs I hid in the fridge. – M

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