Top 10 – Signs You Should Fire Your Job!

A and I have worked our fair share of jobs for being just in our 20’s and have learned a lot from them. One of the things we have taken away from our experiences is that we have learned when to fire our place of employment. Yes, we fire our places of employment due to their lack of capability to meet up to the expectations we have set  for them.
Read through our Top 10 Signs  You Should Fire Your Job and if you’re experiencing a few of them maybe you should reconsider where you’re spending 1920 hours of your life a year.
Top 10 – Signs You Should Fire Your Job!!
  1. When you get too comfortable, work should be a place you are stimulated and challenged. – A
  2. When you get bullied by your boss. – A
  3. When you realize you’ve hit the glass ceiling – A
  4. When you’ve overstayed your welcome. Believe me you’ll know when this has happened – M
  5. The thoughts of hitting, breaking, or sabotaging something/someone at work is contantly on your mind. – M
  6. When gossip is running amuck, leadership is failing on some part to maintain control and professionalism. If they cant even be professional, what else are they failing at? – A
  7. When your boss is on drugs and shows up high to work. Yes, I’ve had that boss – M
  8. If you dread going into work everyday. – M
  9. It its affecting you or your family in a negative way. It’s time to pack your boxes!  -M
  10. If there’s no free coffee. Just kidding, kinda. If the work culture is bad why do you want to spend so much time there? Why not find a job that promotes employee commumication and a positive atmosphere? – M
Now, we’re not saying if you have that 99% great job to quit just because you have 1 bad day. Stick it out for a month and if things don’t change make a pro/con list to see where your job stands. Do a performance evaluation on your job just as they do to you and make a desicion.  You don’t want to end up like the guys from Office Space breaking the printer in the middle of your 9-5 day.
Let us hear what your Signs You Should Fire Your Job are! If you have a suggestion for a Top 10 we should do, let us know.

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