To Work is To Eat

Im back and just wanted to shout out myself for my new job. Yup, I found a job. And I know some people at this point would talk smack about their previous employer, but I don’t get down like that- or at least not anymore. I believe I read in Romans this week that our tribulations bring us not only experience but patience as well. Patience to know that sometimes sh** is just outta our hands, and I can truly say that this experience has changed my outlook on a lot. People have said I’ve become humble. I really don’t think that’s true- I was just broke. I think what happens next will show if this situation has made me humble.

One thing I know for sure though is that my support system is absolutely crazy. Crazy meaning strong and as supportive as possible. I feel like I have my own cheerleading squad sometimes. Ive been trying to find WAYS to thank people for the past few months, I was really down on myself- more than I would probably admit at times. Thats why the people that step up in your life and prove that theyre there for you and support you, you should keep them. Everyone else can kick rocks.

So I guess ill just end it with this- If someone does something nice for you or supports you or goes out of their way for YOU, the absolute LEAST you could do is say thank you. Sometimes those two litle words really go a long way.

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