Thinking of Shakin for Bacon

Here I am again, another week down and still jobless. Where have all the good jobs gone? Anyways, I am constantly thinking of ways to save money and cook while on this ridiculous budget. Everyone knows about frozen veggies and how they’re pretty great. But have you really given any consideration to frozen fruit?
Being that its hot and I am pretty much sweating my skin off, I am always looking for something cool and refreshing as well as healthy. Being broke and on a budget AND on a diet, well, they all seem to go hand-in-hand. Fruit is just expensive, I have no idea why the prices keep going up but they are and it seems like as soon as it gets in the house im already throwing it out. Redic.
So recently I’ve been freezing fruit or buying frozen fruit. Frozen grapes are delish and they last WAY longer and are extremely refreshing, though a bit hard right out of the freezer. In a glass of wine- they are purely exceptional.
Also, the frozen fruit. Originally I bought a bag because I was trying to make sangria and the recipe called for some frozen fruit. After scanning the freezers in the store I finally found it, and to my surprise there was a nice little variety. I saw mixed berries, peaches, strawberries, and even blueberries (eww). So the sangria was delish, but there was still fruit left over after I made it. I took the fruit and made a smoothie with a little bit of almond milk, and to my surprise-HEAVEN. I thought it was going to be some healthy freezer burned sludge of yuck, but it was yummy.
So, I’ve been saving a bit of money and getting my servings of fruit in.

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