Things Our Dad Told Us…

As children the things your parents drilled into your head, right or wrong, sticks with you. We grew up with parents who had a relationship which was far from the norm, and some of what we seen stuck with us. I can say that personally I had trouble accepting what the norm was, because it seemed unusual and definitely not as fun.
But now, even though I am in a long-term monogamous relationship -there are things that I remember that I can’t shake and I wonder, are these things normal or true?
  • One person always loves another more in a relationship.
  • What you won’t do in a relationship, someone else in the world would be happy to.
  • There are 3 women to every 1 man, so treat your man right.
  • Men want a woman that will cook and clean, men shouldn’t have to.
To this day, I still believe that one person always loves another more. I think you can see it in their actions and in the things that they say.
I think it’s obvious that what you won’t do in a relationship someone else will. But is it right to use these scare tactics? On Sex and The City, we see this all the time with Charlotte…she dates a guy who wants something “extra” and since she won’t do it they leave. But why is it always the men that leave? Why, if women want something and men refuse it, why don’t we often hear of them leaving? If I had to guess, I would chalk it up to a good man is hard to find, so if you find one you better accept what he will and won’t do. Which sucks, but also goes back to the ratio of 3:1. A good man is hard to find, and a single good man is even harder to find…so if you find it, screw-it and just accept the flaws.
Lastly, men shouldn’t have to cook and clean. I agree, no they shouldn’t. And women shouldn’t have to suffer with cramps every month and just be as skinny as we want to be. But life isn’t perfect. I think whoever likes to cook and wants to cook should just do it. But also goes hand in hand with if you don’t do it- someone else will. The competition is fierce out there.
All in all, I think these are pretty sexist and they are annoying and sometimes keep me up thinking at night. But unfortunately I do see a hint of truth to it, what do you think?

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