The Wrath of Depression

Robin Williams death hits home. I, like many other people I know, have suffered from depression. This tragedy was a reflection into dark places of my past. Depression at times is often looked at as a weakness and not taken seriously by those who have never experienced its wrath.

Our society sells us an idea of what standards we must meet in order to be successful. When we can’t achieve them, because they aren’t real, we are left questioning who we are. Are we good enough? Society is then there to sell us to the solution to the problem they created. We become entrapped in a vicious cycle when we listen to outside sources of who we are or who we should be.

I don’t have a body like Kim Kardashian, I’m not smart like Hillary Clinton, I’m not as funny as Tina Fey, and I can’t cook like Martha Stewart. I’m not anything like these people that we are taught to look up to. These are some of the people that we are taught should be our idols. We even have a show that millions watch called American Idol. If you look up the word Idol you see it is an object that is religiously worshipped. We are worshipping people that don’t even KNOW us. People that can’t reach out and hug us when we’re upset. I’ve been manipulated by the media, that in achieving the likeness of these people, I will be successful. I however fall short because these people are showed to us on false pretenses. Photoshopped, nip-tucked, and altered to be who they are demanded to be.

What a lonely two way street. We are encouraged to want to be like them and they are demanded to be perfect. I don’t know Robin Williams, but I can’t imagine the pressure put on a celebrity to be perfect. To be the best.

There was only one man that walked the Earth that was perfect. His name is Jesus Christ. I am challenging myself, today, to strive to not follow what society deems is “right”, but to follow the standards Christ has laid out. I’m never going to be anything like the women I listed above because I’m special in my own way. I’m now learning to accept me.

Robin Williams death has reminded me to love myself more. To make sure when I’m struggling emotionally that I speak out and get help. That I don’t need to be perfect because I’m already amazing.

Rest in peace Robin Williams



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