The Museum of My Life

52 hours and 3400 miles later…

I’m finally home after my two week stay with in laws, grandparents, and step grandparents. My hubby and I spent hours on the road travelling up and down the coasts of Florida trying to see everyone within those two weeks. I’m exhausted in every aspect that word could mean.

I have tons of stories to tell from my two weeks, but for now lets stick to something light.

Visiting so many different homes these past two weeks has really allowed me to see how other people live. From the moment I step into a home I can tell if I’m going to be comfortable or not. I don’t judge a book by the cover, as in the front of the house, because I’ve been to some gorgeous homes on the outside, but was in complete chaos on the inside.

My favorite house I went to, I won’t say whose house it was, had beautiful nik naks displayed through out. It was like a tiny museum of their life and it made curious as to the life they lived. I spent a great length of time viewing each piece and asking questions. Thankfully my host was gracious enough to put up with me.

This beautiful surrounding really got me thinking about my own home. I have been diligently neglectful at buying decorations and at that moment I was kicking myself. Foolishly, I had the belief that buying decorations was pointless. At a moments notice the Army could call and I would have to pack them all up. No decorations is equal to less packing. This home though was a place I never wanted to leave and I wanted that feeling for my own tiny home.

After a 17 hour straight drive back home I busted through my tiny home’s door and was determined to change it. My poor hubby just wanted to nap, but I was already caught up in my fixation. I cleaned and altered everything I could get my hands on. I told the hubby I was headed off to the store and he already knew what it meant. Long story short, I came back home with two sofa covers, an area rug, two gorgeous throw pillows, and supplies to make a terrarium. As you will see in the picture below my home is filled with green carpet and countertops. YUCK! It drives me insane so the tan carpet really breaks up the green.

Sidebar: I will be adding Arts & Crafts tutorials very soon!

When I was originally sitting in that beautiful home I didn’t want to go back to my dreary home and even considered moving. I know, I’m super dramatic at times. Now, sitting on my new rug, I realize my tiny home just needed a little bit of Botox to put the life back into it. It looks pretty damn good and I don’t think I’m going to leave for a couple of days!



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