Take 2

So whats up!? Cant believe we’re trying this again..I could talk about the hapenings of our lives in the past year but I have a better beginning story, the story of how this very post came to be.
See, I’ve been bugging M off and on for awhile about coming back and then every so- often she bugs me about it but we’ve just never been on the same page. I had a really annoying day yesterday- like one of the worst I’ve had in awhile. I was so bummed that I decided the only way to make it better was to get a meal from fav Italian place. So I ate the meal and then after was texting M about the blog. I was in bed at the time. I was in bed in my pjs. I was in bed belly-full midday in my pjs under the blanket. You get where this is going now? Fast forward two minutes and I fell asleep. At that point my phone started ringing and I seen my sisters beautiful picture pop-up, so I hit ignore. We had already talked 3 times that day and I just figured it was gonna be more wishful blog talk, shit that would never happen. And so for an hour and a half I was in blissful belly-full midday sleep until my phone rang again. I picked it up pissed that I was being woken up, but figured it must be important if she was calling me again.
       “Hello?”, I answered in my most tired voice.
       “What have you been doing!?” M responded in a rushed irritated voice.
       “I was sleeping…”
       “Are you serious!? I’ve taken time from my studying to do this blog. For AN HOUR AND A HALF I have been texting and working on it.”
       “I’m sorry, I was tired”
        “I have been trying to make OUR blog look nice for AN HOUR AND A HALF by myself.”
        “Ok, I’ll take a look when I get up..”
        “I have been doing this for AN HOUR AND A HALF…”
So… Here we are.
Moral of the story- only sleep for an hour

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