Speaking of undies…

     Undies ladies, are crucial….Not crucial to wear, but crucial once you wear them in how you feel for the day. Now as you’ve read, you know my momma always said not to leave the house without clean undies, but clean does not make them nice. M says cute, me- I just think they need to be appropriate.
   Allow me to elaborate on this….IF you are wearing spandex, seamless underwear is the most logical. Does everyone need to know you are wearing boyshorts or them grannypannies? Because sometime throughout the day you are going to walk by a full length mirror and check out your butt, and then you will realize that those undie lines are trifling.
    IF you know you’re about to go to the gym and be in a locker room with children, is a thong or sheer underwear really necessary? Wont that throw you off your game when you realize you have to either hide your butt or make a childs parent have an unnecessary discussion about booty floss?
    Lastly for all you birds that like to wear leggings as pants, pleaseeee save yourself the embarassment and do the camera check before you walk out. Take a pic of your bottom with the flash on…You’ll know if its not ok.

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