Sparking Creativity

Being unemployed has sparked so many ideas in my uncreative brain. I have never been the person to have a million ideas and know exactly what I want to do with my life, in fact, its been the total opposite. So now here I am, everyday just staring into space dying to come up with any idea that could help me out of my situation.
Ive been so dry in the brain that I cant even think about what to blog about, because I have nothing and do nothing.  I just went to TX to visit M and something told me that maybe that adventure would spark an idea or ephiphany- but it didnt.
And then last night over a couple glasses of wine and good conversation, an idea came to me. Something that has always seemed so complicated has presented itself in an amazing simple idea that I risk nothing trying out.
So today, I begin this new thing- I cant tell you what it is yet, but Ill keep you posted.

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